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 Shopping Memo
On Line Shoppig Flow
1. Click on " want to buy" after preferred items are picked.
2. In the shopping list, click on " Check out " after purchased items and amount are confirmed.
3. If want to check more items, just click on " View Others" , you can go back to product page to continue shopping.
4. You can always click on " My Shopping Cart" to check your items in shopping list. 
5. When you click on " check out ", the total Qty and amount will come out. Please fill out the order data and select the payment method, shipping way and invoice types you need. 
6. If the receiver data is the same as order data, please click on " as above" and then click on " submit". 
7. Order is processed by our system and an order confirmation mail will be sent to your maibox automatically. We will arrage the shipment and deliver asap. 
 Shopping Notes
Please inform by mail about the bank receipt or call us after the payment is made by you. After we receive the payment, the shipment will be arranged immediately.
For deliveries inside Taiwan, we use t-cat express , next day delivery ,   the shipping cost is NT$ 150 per CTN. 
For outlying islands like Kinmen , Matsu, Penghu islands, we use post parcel service, 3~7 days ,  NT$150/ctn. If you need t-cat express service, next day delivery, NT$360/ctn (if  overweight or oversized,  shpt will require extra costs )   
For international deliveries, we use the international express delivery. Please contact us for shipping costs.
If your delivery destination is China, Hong Kong, Macau, please proivide the address in Chinese.
All fees associated with customs inspections should be paid upon the claiming of the items by Consignee. The purchaser is responsible for all unclaimed items and all fees associated with their return, delivery or destruction.
Fuel costs are subject to change due to floating prices.